2013 Must-Have Movie Titles


moviesAs we head through the last few months of 2013, it’s time to look back at what movies have been released since January. What a bumper year it has been so far for great movies. It’s difficult to pick which ones should make it to the DVD collection, but there are selections which you should definitely add to your home viewing.

For the Trekkies out there, 2013 also saw the release of the second of the Star Trek series. Star Trek Into Darkness is definitely one of 2013′s must-have movie titles, scoring an excellent 8 out of 10 at IMDB. DVD box sets should be out soon to include the hugely successful prequel, ‘Star Trek’.

Also high on the list of must-have DVDs would be the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchained. Coming in at number one in a review by The Guardian, this thrilling Western style film features some top names like Jamie Foxx, Samuel L Jackson, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Telegraph rates Iron Man 3 a huge 4 out of 5. While sequels to successful movies are usually just not as good as the original, Iron Man 3 is an exception to this rule and each sequel just gets better and better. A DVD box set will be well worth the buy for this series.

A bit of romantic drama was released during June of this year, in the final of the ‘Before’ trilogy. Following on from Before Sunrise, and Before Sunset, the third film is named Before Midnight. Receiving massive and widespread critical acclaim, film review site Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 98% based on 161 reviews.

There is something for everyone in the 2013 movie releases. So many good films have come out this year, which makes it really hard to pick the ones to be included in your DVD collection. There are still the last few months of the year to come and more movies are due for release before 2014. We are looking forward to the new movie based on the Tom Clancy novels, this one simply called Jack Ryan, due for release on Christmas Day. The second of the hugely successful Hobbit trilogy is due December 13 and a biographical movie about Nelson Mandela is certainly one to watch on November 29. Keep an eye out at the shops for these essential additions to your DVD collection.